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SWFR Inc. is dedicated to helping the senior, hospice, and special needs cat populations. While younger cats and kittens are more easily adoptable, older cats, and those with disabilities, are often overlooked. We strive to increase community recognition of the value of older or special need pets, and to bring awareness to the public of how much these cats still have to give. 


  • Hold all life in the highest regard

  • Care for those who cannot care for themselves

  • Recognize the gifts that older and special needs animals have to give

  •  Promote awareness of older pet ownership to all 

  • Provide transparency in all we do

  • Give more than we receive



The vision of SWFR, Inc is to increase the number of senior cats fostered and adopted in our community, as well as increasing homes for special needs cats, including those in hospice care. Establishing a 'Seniors for Seniors' foster program at adult day care and senior living facilities.

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